Women's Opportunities

Women's small groups are starting soon in Rogers and Springdale. Join us as we grow closer to God and connect with other women. Check back for more studies to be added.
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Holy Yoga: Spring 2023
Friday | January 6-April 28 | 8:30-9:30 AM
Location: Fellowship Springdale 412 Annex (7058 West Sunset - next to Red Kite Coffee)
Description: Yoga is a physical exercise with the benefit of strengthening and improving flexibility of the muscles. This yoga experience is also a time of worship, praise, and connection to Christ, practiced to Christian music.

Significant Woman Weekend Workshop 
Date/Time: Friday, April 21 | 6:15pm - 9pm and Saturday, April 22 | 8am - 4pm
Cost: $30 for workshop book and $15 for food (bring $15 cash for food on the day of the event)
Location: The Oaks behind the Fellowship Rogers Campus | 1300 W Laurel Ave, Rogers, AR 72758
Description: This life-coaching workshop will get you started on your journey of discovering how to fulfill your unique purpose and calling in life. Explore God’s unique design in creating you, develop a mission statement, and learn how God wants to uniquely use you in your sphere of influence.


Gather & Give: Sharing God's Heart Through Everyday Hospitality
Tuesdays | January 17-March 14 | 9:30-11:30am
Location: Fellowship Rogers | Family Center
Description: Join us as we read “Gather & Give: Sharing God's Heart Through Everyday Hospitality” by Amy Hannon as she encourages us to embrace the simple hospitality taught in the Bible that values connection not perfection, and people over presentation. We look forward to discussing these scriptural principles and practical ideas to make hospitality a natural joy-filled part of our lives!

Acts: Part 2
Tuesdays | January 17-April 4 | 9:30-11:30am
Location: Fellowship Rogers | Training Center Classroom | 161
Description: Join us this spring semester for an 11-week inductive Bible study walking through the second half of the book of Acts (chapters 13-28). We will see the authority of King Jesus proclaimed, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit secured, and the Church of God multiplied. Learn how the early Church used apologetic tactics to challenge Jews & Gentiles to repent and follow Jesus. Then witness how the gospel goes out against great odds and the Church takes root.

You do not have to have completed part 1 to participate in this study.

Revelation – Jesus Reigns!
Date/Time: Tuesdays | January 17-April 11 | 9:30-11:30am
Location: Fellowship Rogers Family Center | Family Center
Description: In this 12 week study by John MacArthur, we will examine the Book of Revelation on a line by line basis. The study guide includes extensive commentary, detailed observations, and overriding themes to enable us to study the Word of God. Each week we will meet in the Family Worship Center for breakfast and then begin our discussion in our assigned room.

Special Needs and Disability Ministry Mom Support Group - MONTHLY 
Date/Time: Tuesdays | January 17, February 7, March 7 | 9:30-11:30am
Location: Fellowship Rogers Family Center
Description: Join other special needs moms from all life-stages at a structured, monthly support group lead by fellow special needs mom and Certified Life Coach Amber Leonard.


Date/Time: Tuesdays | January 17-March 14 | 6:00-7:30pm
Location: Fellowship Rogers | Rogers Community Offices
Description: Amos is often called a prophet of doom. And when you begin to read his prophecy, it doesn’t take long to realize that nickname fits. On the surface, his prophecy doesn’t sound like a happy formula for the good life. However, every condemnation he gives serves as an invitation, a cry for us to “seek God and live” (Amos 5:4). You’ll be invited to live assured, faithful, chosen, humble, justly, prayerful, and hopeful. This kind of living will bring us and others around us peace and true prosperity. 


Moving Forward Widows Group
Date/Time: Wednesdays | Beginning January 18 | 9:00 - 11:00am
Location: Home of Cathy Cummings
Description: We will study Someone Like You: The life of Elijah by David Jeremiah.

Dr. David Jeremiah examines the ministry of Elijah in the Someone Like You study guide, showing us how Elijah continuously followed the leading of the Lord in his life. 

Grace for Today: A Peer Support Group for families navigating ADHD/ADD, whether spouse or child
Date/Time: January-May 2023, every third Monday, 7-8:30pm
Location: Fellowship Rogers, Care Center, Room 106
Description: Living with a spouse or child with a neurological condition can make daily life challenging while leaving you (wife/mom) to carry a lot of the weight and responsibilities in the relationship. This group is here to provide a space for ADHD/ADD grace, empower women to be advocates for their family member(s), and lean into God’s design for your household.

Additional Resources: 

Connecting Conversations
These conversation resources can help you spiritually connect one or two women in your neighborhood or circle.

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