Advent Devotionals

November 26 - December 25, 2023

Advent Devotionals

This year, we are once again offering the Advent Daily Devotionals written by our staff. Subscribe to receive devos delivered to your inbox. If you have subscribed using your email address in the past to receive the Advent or Easter devotionals, you will automatically receive the devotionals again this year. Or, if you perfer to listen to the devotionals read by the writers, subscribe to Fellowship Devotionals where ever you listen to your podcasts. It is our hope and prayer this Christmas season that you experience the presesence of Emmanuel, God with us. It is our hope and prayer this Christmas season that you experience the presesence of Emmanuel, God with us.

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Seeds of Hope

Hunter House | December 6, 2023

The seeds of God’s ultimate purpose for us often begin growing in our darkest moments. As a new dad, I can’t imagine a much darker moment than hearing someone say, “Your new son is about to be murdered. Run.”
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Who is on the Throne?

Josh Barnard | December 5, 2023

Today’s passage picks up about six miles north of the most iconic manger in human history, in Judah’s capital city of Jerusalem. This is where Herod, the Jewish king of the southern region, sits on his throne.
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Disturbing News

John Barclay | December 4, 2023

We have a question we ask around Fellowship from time to time. It is a question we use to check on each other, not only spiritually but holistically. It is deep, and if taken seriously, can be a challenge to answer. It is simply, “How is your soul?”
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He Meets You Where You Are

Dylan Grimes | December 3, 2023

What is God like? What is His character? These questions are not new; and our life experiences, both good and bad, can help answer these questions for us.
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God of His Promises

Abbie Lay | December 2, 2023

All of Israel had long been waiting for the promised Messiah. God’s people spent thousands of years looking over their shoulders for their victor. They were waiting for a king, a warrior, a hero to fulfill all God had said He would do.
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A Way He Alone Makes Possible

Jimmy Cummings | December 1, 2023

I’ve wondered at times why God chose to use Mary, Joseph, and the divine conception to bring about the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Being God, He could have accomplished this plan in other ways, right? The news of Mary’s unwed pregnancy likely caused the young couple both fear of rejection and shame. 
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The King’s Family Tree

Garland Autry | November 30, 2023

For most people, the experience of exploring their ancestry is an exciting moment. With genetic testing made available in homes, people have access to their family tree in ways never heard of before. The experience can be a fun one, but it can also be somewhat puzzling or maybe even downright surprising.
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A Man, a Lamb, a Priest, and a Shepherd

Heith Guilbert | November 29, 2023

On January 14th of this year, just twenty days after Christmas, our family circumstances took an unexpected and terrible turn for the worse. Our infant daughter was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Little Rock immediately after her delivery. The situation was really bad, and we knew it. We were devastated. 
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Our God Reigns

Andy Petry | November 28, 2023

Betrayal isn’t a hurt that happens often in my life, but when it does, it cuts deep and leaves a wound that lingers. I’m still experiencing a recent wound of this kind in my life, and the anger and hurt have brought up a lot in my heart. Questions come up like, “how did I not see this coming?” and “God, where are you?”
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Israel’s Hope

Carrie Tucker | November 27, 2023

So much of life can be about escaping pain and death, avoiding hardship, and seeking comfort. Countless energy, money, and effort go into avoiding pain and death. When hard things happen, it seems unfair and wrong. The problem is pain, death, and hardship cannot be avoided. But the gospel offers a solution, and it comes in the form of hope. At the center of that hope is a person, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 
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Some Names Just Mean More

Joshua Pankey | November 26, 2023

In Isaiah 7, the prophet Isaiah approaches King Ahaz, the rebellious king of Judah. He has a word from the Lord: God has promised to rescue Judah from its enemies. Isaiah encourages King Ahaz to request a sign, but Ahaz declines. 
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